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SKERJ by Darkened-Flames

Electro, This is beautiful. He's missing his pupils though. Was thinking of Kawaii Desu eyes, but his vision is horrible, due to his ey...



Trent Hill by susanvulpini
Trent Hill
Recently, about two weeks ago a roll over car accident occurred.  It killed a beloved 15 year old named Trent Hill.  Many kids in my school system knew him for bringing smiles to everyone's faces, but recently his funeral was held.  The same night of the funeral, everyone going to the game was asked to wear Green in remembering him, for his favorite color was green.  I could not participate, but, here is my contribution.

Trent also was saved.  We discovered that two weeks from his death day, he had came to Christ with an open heart.  The person who helped him accept Jesus into his heart was a timid boy, but strong in what he believed.  God sent that boy for Trent, so he would not disappear forever.  We will always love Trent, for he brought happiness to the school system.
Make sure you check on my most recent Journal! There are commissions open for cheaper prices!


Venom the Nartin by susanvulpini
Sathecandra by susanvulpini
Sathecandra Unmelodiousness by susanvulpini
Tigerfang and his Daughter, Ace shaded. by susanvulpini
Foxy Pirate by susanvulpini
Back grounds of your characters

Worth the money, I need what you want in your background and who.  Characters, or backgrounds.  Reflections or Glow, Full Body or just a Segment.  All for 100 points.
Sam's Adventure 1 by susanvulpini
Tigerfang's Corruption 2 by susanvulpini
Comic I will never complete, pg 2 .-. by susanvulpini
In this commission, you pay to get a character into a comic series.  My friends who I talk to a lot get to have their characters in these comics for free.

Tell me if you would like to have a character in the comic and can't afford buying it, because I can take a drawing, IF you don't have enough points.
Character Pictures (Shaded or Unshaded, Blurred or Unblurred)
Vynl Scratch by susanvulpini
Kirion Contest Entry Ice not competley blurred by susanvulpini
Into the Sun by susanvulpini
Counting Sheep by susanvulpini
Cheap compared to other commissions, as I get better at drawing, I will do more detailed drawings.  I need some points to help contribute to other Deviants in helping them reach their goals in commissions with another person or to boost them to their goal some, and it may happen to you!  Buy, ask for a picture, and I will link the picture to you.


United States
Hello guys! Susanvulpini here with some info about me:

I am a self taught Artist with the inspiration of greater artists around me.
I thank those who inspire me.

I am a nice person, I rarely type hate comments and I don't want to receive much, if any.

I am a fan of RA (Romatically Apocalyptic), a creator of TIOM (The Island of Mezza) comics, and a fan roleplayer.

I take drawing requests during's and I do comics every other week.
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I have decided to get very serious over my art, and am currently trying to animate a walking animation.  It's harder then you expect, and most importantly, timing.  I am going to start taking requests for one point each, because I am in the generous mood currently.  I will be taking 5 requests:

1.) :iconthedragonofdeath:Nocturna and Aterzu by susanvulpini

2.) :icongreenpower12:

3.) :iconduetwarriorninja02:



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